Why tourism is essential like Oxygen?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tourism is one of the most important part of our life. Human being is not a machine that he can run without break. Finally it reduces the quality, quantity and outcome of people. Tourism is important for all kinds of people. Like: Businessman, Teachers, Philosophers, Doctors even students. It is most important to the new couples.

Now the question is why we need tourism?

Almost all the people need to work for their liveliness. But the continuous same routine brings anyone boring. So he or she can't enjoy the real test of life. If the boring or ambiguity continue for a long period of time then people become frustration. And frustration can committed a people into death. So tourism is one of the important part of life and it is essential like Oxygen.

There have a lot of reasons behind tourism. When you go to a tour you can feel the dept of nature. Your mind become very soft and natural. Believe me, it works. You can feel it when you go for a tourism in a long distance and you can seethe dept of the nature like sea beach. You can also enjoy it when you watch the big mountains are standing of their own.

You can learn a lot from them. Also it purify your mind. Your mind become dept like the sea. It is to avoid the evil things. You can avoid the misery, enemy, laziness. And you can give a better life for your family. Also the world become beautiful and you can find out the actual reasons to live in the earth.

Sometimes you can notice that your wife become anxiety and boring for leading a routine life. You also can notice that your kids are not listening what you say. they become ruddy. So you can take a decision for a tour in a distance area. If you spent your time in there for a few days you will find everything will be normal and work like natural within very short time period. It works like a pure natural medicine.

Another important thing is called Honeymoon. Almost all the people know little bit about Honeymoon. Couples can spent a romantic time together. They can understand better each other in there. Normally Honeymoon is the best time spent by a people. So don't miss it.

The another thing is the second honeymoon. After finishing first honeymoon you generally get into your job. Then after few days you can plan for Second Honeymoon. You can take more two or three loving persons there for your second honeymoon. You can enjoy much there.


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