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We are all over in the where the travel people present. We keep in the mind of the people of the tourist. We always try to avoid the danger in the travel. So where the traveling is there we are.

This is a nice little project that attempts to capture different cultures and countries through photography. Of course, there’s a theme of travel here so what better way to present your contact information than putting it on a postcard? It makes sense and plays into the theme of this wonderful website.

As we continue down this list, you’ll notice a growing trend of designers and developers utilizing maps to show locations. It’s really a fair trick, but what I like about Welikesmall is their usage of an actual sky shot of their location. On top of that, they have used a really creative way to display all the necessary contact information.

The purpose of any website is to get people from your target audience interested in what you’re offering. Whether it be a product or service, 9 times out of 10, someone is going to want to communicate with you further. Because of this, in almost any industry, you’re going to want to create a contact page.

For some, this is that last page on the site map where you just throw a bunch of information. You can leave it up to the person to decide how they want to contact you and what they want to contact you about. For others, this is the last attempt to get your potential customer to give you their business.

The contact page is much more important than many give it credit. Many basic websites just throw some numbers and e-mails up and move along. But in most cases, this is the page your customer sees before they decide they want you on their project. Or before they decide they want to visit you to purchase your product.

It’s extremely important to make sure your contact page delivers in the best way possible. It can be a tricky thing to handle, so today, we’ve gathered 20 sites with great contact pages and forms to give you a bit of a creative boost.

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