How to stop vomiting instantly while travelling?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

How To Avoid Vomiting During Travelling?

Vomiting during travelling is known as motion sickness, this usually happens due to confused brain. Brain is confused due to misunderstanding of two signals received one from eyes and other from ears.

Let me explain while you are travelling in a bus or car and looking inside your car, your ears get signal that you are in motion, but since you are looking inside your eyes says you are in static state. So brain thinks that either of two is hallucinating, brain interprets as if this person has eaten poison, so induces vomiting.

How to stop vomiting instantly while travelling?

Close your eyes, so that only one signal will reach brain
Or look out of window of vehicle to a very far point so that you get correct signals
Start chewing a gum
Take ginger with you, start eating that, it will reduce nauseating feeling
There is no need to take vomiting tablets like perinorm etc its of no use at this time.

This condition is also seen while travelling in flight, or ship known as air and sea sickness.

Sea sickness: its facts is very interesting, since person in ship sees water and water every where, there is no static point in sea, so eyes can not perceive motion and from internal ear a constant signal of motion is perceived, leading to motion sickness, in this case you need to close your eyes as looking far away point is not going to help. Watch out the video of motion sickness below on YouTube in Hindi language.

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