How To Stop A Nose Bleed- Four Effective Ways

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bleeding nose is frequent problem seen mostly in children, can also be seen in adults. Main cause is trauma to nose either by self nail or by getting hit by others, however there can be other causes too like infections, carcinoma, foreign body, deficiency of clotting factors as seen in hepatic causes, CVS causes, vitamin k deficiency, drugs etc.

First aid to stop bleeding

bleeding from right nostril of nose with scab and dried blood

apply pressure to nose by pinching it between your thumb and index finger for few minutes, will stop bleeding from compression.
this method was told by Bear Grylls on discovery channel, just put your index finger on upper lip just below the nose and compress it, it will compress superior labial artery and stop bleeding, you need to lean forward a little bit.
This is known as Trotter method here you need to sit and lean forward and breath from mouth, you are made to lean forward so that blood may not go back to your throat and lungs.
Apply cold compression and putting cold water over head will stop bleeding by reflex vasoconstriction. Never apply ice over nose, apply ice over head, forehead or back of neck.
Generally bleeding occur from “little’s area” and “woodruff’s are” of nose, Little’s area lies anteriorly and woodruff’s area lies posteriorly.

If bleeding do not stop in 15 minutes go to a doctor who will do packing, watch out video on how to do nasal packings.

Remember never snuff your nose for 24 hours after a bleed as it may start it again. Watch out the video of how to stop a nose bleed from below

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