Broken Hill Warnings and Dangers

Saturday, December 6, 2014

In places in Outback Australia, you will see an awful lot of roadkill. Most have been pulled to the sides of the road, but some is still on the road.
Crows usually attack it, but sometimes you will see the big Wedgetailed Eagle.

Please do not run over this Bird, slow down, and let him fly out of the way.

This is Australias largest Bird of Prey which in these areas you may see way up, just spots in the sky at heights of about 2000m, soaring and gliding on air currents.
Like all birds of prey, Wedge-tailed eagles have excellent eyesight, and easily see the roadkill, and can be so engrossed in their find, they get hit.
The hook on the end of its beak is used to pull and rip meat, and their talons are useful in grabbing their prey or to hold it as they tear off pieces of meat to eat.

When travelling out here always make sure that you have sufficient fresh bottled water with you..This can be a very unforgiving environment , as the sun gets fiercely hot with extreme temperatures that can cause dehydration, sunstroke, and extreme exhaustion.This is a really hot and dry place. Not enough warning can be given for the dangers of heat and thirst.
Make sure that you are replacing lost fluids.. heatstroke can creep up on you quickly.. Don't wander off alone.. stay to marked paths and areas..Make sure that you are wearing a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses ...also wear good hiking/walking boots for snake strike.
So, coming in to Broken Hill from the east there's a place where you have to dump all your fruit in order that fruit fly doesn't spread across Australia. What a good idea.
Thus it was when we arrived in Broken Hill we stocked up on fruit and veg at a major chain store. The next day we headed west and, about 100kms further on, there was another fruit fly stop. This time manned and serious.
I handed over our untouched bag of apples but only gave him some of our potatoes. Frankly, we were pissed off. Having dumped all before Broken Hill you would think would suffice but we were caught cold.
As Bob remarked, "I bet we can buy exactly the same stuff at the next branch of (supermarket name)."
Bob was 100% correct for, at Port Augusta, that's exactly what we did. So, quarantine people, how is they can send it across by the truck load whilst we, with exactly the same items, get ours confiscated? Not happy.

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