Travel Checklist – 60 Items to Bring on Your Next Trip

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Making a travel checklist before any type of trip is a great way to make sure you pack everything you need.
It's easy to forget items at home, especially when you're preparing for longer getaways. But even a quick overnight trip can become a big headache when you realize you forgot to pack an essential item.
To help you remember everything you may need while you're away, we've created a quick travel checklist below. Use this packing list as a guide to determining what to pack for your journey – and what you might want to leave at home. Feel free to print this page, and cross off items after you've packed them.

Travel Checklist

Important Travel Documents & Finances
These are some of the most crucial items on your list! Before you pack your favorite tee, make sure these items are packed and secured.
1) Driver's license and/or personal ID
2) Passport / Visa3) Cash / wallet4) Credit cards5) Airline / train tickets6) Copies of reservations7) Itinerary printouts8) Contact info for hotels, tours, etc.9) Copies of passport10) Health insurance cards / documents11) Travel insurance documents12) Emergency contact info
Toiletries & Essential Bathroom Items
Don't get caught scrambling for toothpaste when you arrive at your destination in the middle of the night. Make sure these essential hygiene products are packed and ready when you need them.
13) Deodorant
14) Soap15) Personal hygiene items16) Skin care / lotion17) Shaving kit18) Shampoo & conditioner19) Brush / comb20) Toothbrush21) Toothpaste and floss22) Toiletry kit23) Tissues
Clothing and Outerwear
Check the weather before you depart, to make sure you're prepared for the elements and the environments where you'll be trekking.
24) Shirts, tees, sweaters & other tops
25) Pants, jeans26) Skirts, dresses27) Socks28) Shoes, sneakers, boots29) Underwear30) Pajamas31) Hat32) Watch33) Sunglasses34) Rain jacket
Electronics & Gear
35) Mobile phone & charger
36) Camera and memory card37) Laptop / tablet38) USB cables39) Electrical outlet converters40) Music player41) Travel alarm42) Binoculars
Health & First Aid
43) Prescription medications
44) Aspirin45) First aid kit46) Cold medicines47) Vitamins48) Sunscreen, sunburn relief49) Hand sanitizer50) Tick/insect repellent51) Antibiotic ointment
Additional Everyday Basics & Travel Essentials
52) Headlamp / flashlight
53) Umbrella54) Water bottle55) Travel Pillow56) Journal57) Reading material58) Compass59) Guide books60) Pocket knife

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