How to avoid vomiting during traveling by Van or Car?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Vomiting during travel is due to the inertia factor. While traveling, especially over hills, winding roads or even rickety roads, people who are not much habituated to such travel tend to vomit. This is because, when travelling though our body moves as per the motion of the vehicle, we try to keep our head upright. This creates a contra situation and churning effect resulting in vomiting.

Empty stomach, Only liquid filled stomach too much sour or acidic food all add up to this.

There are some proven tips to reduce the problem.

1.Never start a journey on empty stomach. Take a little food,probably steamed and without oil,with some salt.

2.Take some water or liquid, but keep some part of stomach free- i.e do not eat or drink stomachfull.

3. Have a good night's sleep before starting the journey.

4. If there is a slight indication of a headache, take a headache medicine immediately, so that it does not aggravate.

5.As far as possible break and take a few minutes rest in between by coming out and stretching legs or taking a few steps. A very light snack in roadside restaurant in between also can help both ways

6. Chew or sip little by little a candy or a peppermint toffee throughout till you are sure that you will not vomit.

7.Take deep breath frequently.

8. Do not travel watching sights on the sides. Instead focus your vision straight in front on the road.If you feel discomfort, try to lie down closing your eyes.

9. In case vomiting is inevitable, allow that, do not try to stop. Let the whole go out so that you feel comfortable. Then take some water and a candy immediately.

10. If nothing of the above are helping, before the next journey, consult a doctor and take the medicines prescribed him as advised.

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